Mending Dance Theater

​新秩序藍色星期一 / A New Order: The Blue Monday


2018曼丁身體劇場  街舞X現代舞X新創故事



















Blue Monday,星期一,現代人面對身心焦慮的課題


「藍色星期一」,從字面你會想到什麼?藍色:憂鬱的;星期一:每週上班的第一天,Blue Monday, 是吧?


《新秩序藍色星期一》 由台灣編舞家朱蔚庭與獨立音樂家白水共同合作,以街舞結合現代舞藝術表現的舞蹈故事,創造出獨幟一格的人文哲思與觸覺氛圍。





Introductory text on National & Concert Hall’s program content


The 2018 Mending Dance Theater – the street dance x modern dance x innovative storyline

[A New Order: The Blue Monday]


Our dialog on the boat

The direction to the warm house

Back then, there is a youth

Who has no garden in his heart

Detests the take of growing up

Drive the loneliness out of the midsummer night

Toss up the body


We have the color of time

Sickness worries

Or perhaps a sense of loss

But listen to the rhythm of life

Cross over the unfamiliarity

Ponder on what prompts me to continue chasing

Where do I go from here?


The Blue Monday, Monday, something the modernites need to confront of the physical and psychological anxiety


The “Blue Monday”, what do you conjure up from the words?  Blue: it is trepidation; Monday: the first of the workweek, so the Blue Monday, perhaps it is?


“A New Order:  The Blue Monday” is a joint collaboration between Taiwanese choreographer Jhu Wei-ting and independent musician Bai Shui who combine the street dance with the modern dance art to tell a dance story, and to create an unparalleled humanity philosophy and dextral ambience.


The dance work features Jhu Wei-ting’s life enlightenment and the performers “the Mending Blue Squad’s” life storytelling creativity as the storyline blueprint, to describe the youth of varied facets, their choices and burdens amid the social evolution process, as if a dance philosopher traversing in life’s field with inner sanctum chaos, fracture and detachment, pursuing for a new order in the subject of life, and as if a modern lifestyle, differing from the people’s value standard, aiming to unleashing a space for listening.


The Mending Dance Theater, long been upholding a strong emotion since its inception, has since 2010 dedicated to exploring innovative bodily texture, through which to create brand-new forms, and its current performance integrating the modern dance, street dance, innovative storyline and a diverse yet dissimilar linguistic textual integration for harboring new linguistic elements invites the audience to jointly explore the hardship and struggle when faced with life in one’s journey of life simply by listening to the lonesome heart and a major life event that living is not as easy as it seems.