Mending Dance Theater

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The Mending Dance Theater is incepted by choreographer Jhu Wei-ting and her artistic partners and dancers full of great creativity, devoting to what dance brings of the sensibility and an extension to the expression of an enriching spirituality. The face shown to the loved ones has anticipated it to be clean and blemish-free, yet those adoring us would treasure the scars that mar our faces.  Mending Dance Theater upholds an unparalleled emotion, devoting to explore innovative bodily texture, creating transcending, brand-new forms, by treasuring the mutual dissimilarity, yet binding street art and academics with ample of experimental spirit. With a solid physical stride, a keen sense of observing the surrounding environment, the spirituality is set to free reign as the spiritual genies. The creator Jhu Wei-ting continues to deploy the most binding and refreshing vocabulary, as reassured by “the Newcomers and a New Horizon”, in anticipation of leaving persistence and honest footprint in Taiwan’s dance creation.